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The Plastics Industry Can Be a Family Business

Working in the plastics industry was a logical decision for Caitlin DeMasellis, who grew up helping her family with their plastics manufacturing machinery shop.


Caitlin DeMasellis grew up admiring the work her parents and family did in the plastics industry. As a teenager, she began helping out in her family’s plastics manufacturing machinery shop. Enjoying the work, Caitlin now works at the shop full-time and sees a right future in the plastics industry.

As a teenager, Caitlin DeMasellis was no stranger to the plastics industry.  She was already an active part of the industry and would help out regularly in her parent’s plastics manufacturing machinery shop.

Caitlin DeMasellis is a sales associate and system administrator at Ideal Machinery, Inc., her family’s business located in Holly, Michigan.  She spent most summers of her life in high school and college working at Ideal Machinery and she considered it a next-step to begin working there full-time as an adult.

Looking to the future, Caitlin can see herself always being a part of her family’s business. She indicated that she is looking forward to bringing on some of her nieces and nephews to the Ideal Machinery team, joking that it is a family “rite of passage” to help out with the business. On a serious note, Caitlin remarked that there is no reason for her to leave her family’s business. According to her: “I have been in the plastics industry my whole life and there is always something to learn.”

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