Zero Net Waste: How a Sustainability Dream Is Becoming Reality

Zero net waste, or sending zero waste to a landfill, is an attainable sustainability goal for companies and their employees.


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Zero net waste means no by-products of manufacturing are sent to landfills. It means all materials generated in the manufacturing process are either reused or recycled. And it means complete sustainability and conservation of resources across the entire plastics supply chain are attainable goals.

What is zero net waste?

Zero net waste is a reality for members of the plastics industry. Here are a few examples:

The Minco Group was the first PLASTICS member to receive Zero Net Waste honors. Andy Brewer, program manager at All Service Plastic Molding, a Minco Group company, said, “[I] knew that my company was capable of doing our part to make the industry more sustainable.” As of August 2016:

Berry Global has also received Zero Net Waste honors. From 2012 to 2017, Berry Global worked to reduce waste by 15 tons per month in its Baltimore facility.

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